YouTube Video: *SkyWarn* – An Overview, by George Sabbi – KC2GLG, SkyWarn Coordinator for Bergen & Passaic Counties

George Sabbi, KC2GLG, made this presentation at the Senior Center of Fair Lawn hosted by on November 15th, 2019. He was accompanied by Matthew Ryffel, K2NUD, the Deputy Coordinator for Bergen & Passaic Counties. 

George takes us on his personal journey of what he did before his passion for SkyWarn, as an Emmy Award Winner in Large Scale Production Lighting, his successful future after the award, and the personal battles he has had being a successful 15 year Dialysis Patient. He articulates how his SkyWarn Passion drove him to Ham Radio and ITS importance (things we practice with our Field day Events) as an important communication media for Emergency Reporting, when Mother Nature takes us for a “spin” on her terms.

Embedded with the Presentation are two NWS Upton Videos taking on a Tour of the Center and the Doppler *Snowball* atop the 110 foot Tower. Additionally you see your Federal Tax Dollars at work with a Huge multimillion dollar Tower where there are 11 Amateur’s Radio Antennas (VHF/UHF/HF) for Communications Emergencies. They have an upcoming December 7th, 2019 SkyWarn/Ham Special Events day.

{Important: If you wish to man the Operator Seats to the Upton Facility based at Brookhaven, you MAY, however you must contact SkyWarn immediately for a Security Clearance. See below


It is a robust yet concise presentation for an overview and a darn good one for driving home the importance of Ham Radio in Weather Emergencies and ultimately WHY –

SkyWarn Needs YOU!!!

Enjoy- 73 de w2nz/ve - Director of Visual Services - YouTube Channel Manager
W2NZ Productions©

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