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DX Calendar for April 2020

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Talking To Submarines: The Goliath Antenna Network

Here is a pretty interesting story from World War II…..The Goliath Communications Network Interesting Engineering is an, er, interesting engineering daily newsletter on engineering (what else?)  

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We’re International … setting the pace for the world?

We’ve been discovered, and tweeted about!, in the UK … Southgate Amateur Radio News_200319 for PDF or the shortcut at

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At this point in the SciFi Movie “Interstellar” we hear the request for a MORSE Encoding … later seen as *Second Hand* movements, and written down (dit dahs) and incorrectly verbalized as *dots and dashes* (somethings never change) for further … Continue reading

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WHAMM, this appears “The Baffling Menagerie of ISSUES!”

There are those of us who struggle with finding the *right* word for expressing our frustration, consternation, distress, … Our imitable Wa2aLy demonstrates with aplomb a wonderfully, worthy flourish for us in need of a simple “heady” expression when THAT … Continue reading

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Capt. Larry – Part 2 Radial Burial Grounds

  In fine fashion Larry Wolff, Capt. (Ret.) USMM gives the final learning experiences, deductions and the last 30+ days of the most recent best practices material on maximizing the efficiencies of deploying Ground Radials to augment your vertical AND … Continue reading

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Capt. Larry’s Experiences: Buried Radial Grounds – the Why’s and … more!

Learn about the DEVIL’s Wedge of Discouragement! Continue reading

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