Antiques’ Night Part Two – “The Twoer” Presented by Gene, WO2W

Gene Ottenheimer, WO2W, Life Member of and one of the Five Founders of B.A.R.A, gave a presentation on the “TWOER” at the Senior Center for Antiques’ Night 2019. The “Twoer” is representative of some ’60s Ham Technology – yes, Twoer stands for 2 Meter Rig.

Can you guess what he is holding in his hand?

Enjoy the show-

73 de w2nz/ve

Thom Director of Visual Services YouTube Content & Channel Manager

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Antiques’ Night ’19 – Continues, Part One *B* – The CW QSOs!!!

This is the follow up section on FLARC’s Antiques’ Night 2019, chronologically it was preceded by The Nutshell History on Amateur Radio to Current – MC’d by Jim Joyce, K2ZO.

This video explores the inherent difficulties of making QSOs in the *Dayz of Ole*. Interspersed with ad hoc shout outs by Fred, Gene, Ed and Steve Holly – they give a narration of the particulars that are being, seen or heard in real-time. This led to some “stepping” on each other, room echo and ambient audience noise (chairs, chairs everywhere) making it all a lively but sometimes very difficult effort for all to hear.

Enjoy, we have a little Halloween Spices thrown in.


73 de w2nz/ve

Thom Director of Visual Services YouTube Content & Channel Manager



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A Response to our Latest Posting – Sunspots W3LPL

Great presentation thanks, but please get a mic mixer and mute everyone’s
mic except the presenter’s while he’s talking – James Bowie
@James I agree. This was 2 years ago, I was not the videographer, and the Club doesn’t pay for any of the video/audio equipment, nor my time. That said, with positive criticism like yours we will continue to improve and deliver a better video posting with each endeavor. TY! –
To our Audience Guests and Members: When we ask for your cooperation while we are videoing a Guest Presentation it is to avoid easily avoidable comments such as the above. Dragging chairs, talking amongst yourselves during a Presentation, asking a question in too low a voice, opening snack packs, sneezing, coughing, cellphones ringing & pinging, etc., are all picked up by some recording device and sometimes with all the *W.O.R.K* and filters in the world, they can not be filtered out or mitigated and produce a reasonably palatable audio track.

We want you to have a FUN and Educational time, we have coffee breaks, BIO-breaks, however once the cameras are a rolling, you are now on a *Sound Stage* – !

The video archives are for the current Members and future members. With our YouTube Channel we also share with others in the Ham community our good fortune of having Presentations by the TOP Amateurs we can invite and entice into our ever growing Radio Club to help us all in becoming better Operators!


73 de W2nz 
Director of Visual Services
YouTube Channel & Content Mgr.
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W3LPL Solar Video of 2017 – Redux & Enhanced

W3LPL, Frank Donovan, gave us a great presentation and this is a small segment of it. This one is Part One on Solar Weather Sun Spots, etc. W2NZ, formerly N2DI, did not shoot the original video, Joe Savatski (No Callsign) shot the video as W2NZ was out of town on business. Joe did a very good job, however in Post Production with limited tools and experience W2NZ could not improve the audio portion.

W2NZ has done a very nice job on cleaning up the audio with minimal artifacts, specific QRMs were left untouched, others were IMPOSSIBLE to remove – overall it IS a better Posting in both quality of Video and Audio. You will enjoy it.

73 de w2nz – Director of Visual Services – YouTube Channel & Content Manager


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K3LR, Tim Duffy, Skypes in to FLARC


Beat this like a DRUM to get it out as soon as possible. The entire video end to end tweaked and modified as best as can be for a FIRST for – A Video Recorded Skype Guest Presenting in the long standing series of the Guest Presentation Series Run.

Thank you Tim for being the FIRST!


73 de w2nz – Director of Visual Services – YouTube Content Manager


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ITU Director talks about disaster communications

ITU Director speaks about radio communications during disasters, but does not mention Amateur Radio …

Why radiocommunications are so crucial for natural disaster management: Mario Maniewicz

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FOR SALE: Yaesu 897 and MFJ-929 IntelliTuner

David Marotti <> says:

I have two items for sale (with 3 attached photos).

Yaesu 897 all band, all mode transceiver in excellent cosmetic and
operating condition. And the MFJ-929 IntelliTuner, also in excellent
condition. For both items, original owner, non-smoking environment,
and has never left my shack; not even for portable use.

– Yaesu 897 Radio: Original manual, MH-31 mic (never used), and fused
power cord. No fading or missing pixels in the screen. No box
– MFJ 929 / 200 watt ATU: power cord (did not come with a manual.
Download online). No box

Bundled together is $675. Separate, radio $575, ATU $150 (Note: This
ATU is still sold new for $249). I have only used it about 10 times.

David, NK2Q (201) 906-5740

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