FLARC Repeater update info as of 2017 June 18

As of Saturday afternoon on 6/17 the FLARC 145.470 MHz FM repeater OUTPUT is not using any squelch control code — this is a further attempt to narrow down the source of the buzzing interference we’ve been getting.

The setup instructions posted here for the BAOFENG are still valid.

However, some rigs automatically use the DCS code on the receive when it is used on transmit — in this case, you are going to hear nothing on the repeater until that is changed.

It’s been found that for the Icom IC-7000 it is necessary to program a channel so that it works in SPLIT mode, with only the VFO B using the DCTS code.  See page 66 of the IC-7000 User Manual, “Storing a non standard repeater” — but set the DCTS code only on VFO B.  (If you need help with IC-7000 contact W2JC).

Other rigs might have a similar setup procedure.

A simple programming guide for the Yaesu FT-60R HT is at

From that guide, it looks like the ‘normal’ programming puts the squelch control code on both the transmit and receive — which is NOT what we want for now.  A work-around for such rigs might be to program one channel to transmit with the code, and an adjacent channel to receive without the code; monitor on the receive channel and to transmit just flip to the other channel, talk, and flip back.  Awkward, yes.  But this repeater configuration is only for testing and trying to find the source of the interference; after the test it will go back to the ‘normal’ setup.

If you feel really curious and geeky, and want to learn more about how the DCS codes actually work, here’s a link to a very technical paper that will cure your insomia !



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Baofeng programming for DCS change

Now that our FLARC repeater has been switched over to digital DCS carrier control, here is a set of step-by-step instructions for doing the change manually on your Baofeng …


Here is a short-link to the same:   http://bit.ly/2rViIMU


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FIELD DAY helpers needed – June 24-25

FIELD DAY is only THREE weeks away …

As of June 3rd we have 115 members in the club;
as of June 3rd only 13 members have filled out the FD Volunteer Survey.

We would like you to be involved with an aspect of Field Day which
interests you or which you would prefer to help with — however, we
can’t plan that way if we don’t know what you would PREFER to do …

The survey is just a single web page … where you can tick off the
areas / categories which you would like to help with.

PLEASE help the FD Committee plan a successful weekend by filling out
the survey form if you have not done so already.

The form is at     https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L8K97KF

Like all the politicians in NJ are doing these days, we’re BEGGING
you to respond … and we’re not even asking for a donation !!

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A Better Understanding of Digital Modes

Here is a visual presentation of the new digital modes with audio samples of each if you click the text mode name.

Visual presentation of digital modes

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The Story Of The Early Telegraph Key

Here is an interesting read on the early history of the telegraph key…about 60 pages and quite engrossing.

The Story of the Key


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A Back Article On N2ST

Many club members know that Tom (N2ST) spends the Winter months on his boat off Florida and the Bahamas.  He was featured a while back in a nj.com story that just came to our attention.

Here’s the link– good reading!

N2ST and Boating Safety

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Ham Radio’s “Secret Code”

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K6AH Wins the June 2017 QST Cover Plaque Award for AREDN article

The ARRL announced today that the winning article for the June 2017 QST Cover Plaque award is “AREDN — A High-Speed Data Network” by Andre Hansen, K6AH.

The QST Cover Plaque Award — given to the author or authors of the most popular article in each issue — is determined by a vote of ARRL members on the QST Cover Plaque Poll web page. Cast a ballot for your favorite article in the July issue today.

See page 36 of the June 2017 issue of QST for the article.

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Video shown at FD Intro Meeting 6/16

Some people had a problem with the long web address in my email this evening …  so here is a short one to the same place …




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