ARRL Members — Important Reading

In a mere seven days, there may be big changes made in the structure and the way the ARRL American Radio Relay League operates and treats its members.

This article from CQ magazine is important for you to read, and then respond to the ARRL “leaders” involved.

Unfortunately, many of the involved changes have been proposed by our very own Hudson Division director. There is a slight possibility that responses from US (being his constituents) might have more influence than responses from members in other divisions.

Whether you are in favor or are not in favor of these changes, described in the article, you should make your feelings know to our director, the other directors and the League officers.

If you want to read other letters that have been written to the League and Directors, request them from

Here is a list of email addresses for all the League Board and Directors:<>,<>,<><>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>


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Anyone want to apply for this job?

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Another New YouTube Channel Subscriber – Welcome N0SSC!

It is with great pleasure to announce November zero Sierra Sierra Charlie is now a Subscriber!



73 all!


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New Channel Subscriber! Welcome Robert Terzi!!

Please welcome our latest Subscriber to YouTube Channel!

Robert Terzi


NO, that is not him—–^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!

That’s me getting ready to celebrate!






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HamSci 2 Day Hands-on Event – OPEN! See for registration below!

Dr. W2NAF: 


I am pleased to announce that registration is now open! Please visit for details.

The workshop will be held February 23-24, 2018 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ and seeks to bring together the amateur radio community and professional scientists. Anyone interested in this workshop is invited to join. This year, the workshop will focus on results of the 2017 Great American Eclipse ham radio ionospheric experiments (including SEQP results) and the development of a Personal Space Weather station.

Do you have something to present? We are especially looking for speakers with presentations showing analysis of 2017 Great American Eclipse ionospheric observations, ideas and proposals for the design and implementation of a personal space weather station. We will also accept other presentations related to amateur radio and science. Presentations will likely be between 20 to 30 minutes long. If you would like to present, please e-mail me at by February 15, 2018.

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0xroot!!! <– A New Subscriber to!!!

0xroot! – Welcome!





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Thank you for Subscribing!!!


John Howard!




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New Subscriber… nevets68

We wish to thank our new YouTube Channel Subscriber –





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