Dr. Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF Interviewed On QSO Today Podcast

Dr. Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF is the most recent interview on the highly listened-to podcast QSO Today.

Find it here:   QSO Today


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Digital Communications 75 years ago

Here is a nifty slow-motion video showing how DIGITAL communications was received 75 years ago … a truly ingenious mechanical invention and fabrication …  the Model 15 Teletype page printer!

Remember, this device ran 7 times faster than the video shows — it printed a super-speedy 60 words per minute … the video, however, lets you appreciate the clever mechanical movements used to decode the  5 data bits ( ones and zeros, as we say today) into the proper letter to be typed.


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Dr. Alan Katz K2UYH on EME on the Simple and Cheap

Dr. Alan Katz gives an in depth Presentation on achieving contacts using or re-purposing discarded TV Satellite Dishes and simple Yagis via #EME or Moon Bounce via CW, Phone and the new OpenSource digital modes of  Dr. Joe Taylor, #K1JT, #WSPR and the suite of Weak Signal Software. BTW – one of K1JT’s favorited #HamRadio interests over the decades has been #EME. See: Dr. Taylor Speaker Series FT8 & Beyond 

Enjoy and post or forward this fine lecture to your friend’s and others!

73 de w2nz/ve


Director – Visual Services, FairLawnARC

FairLawnARC.org YouTube Channel Manager


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Lightning Map

When we get a “thunder and lightning” storm in the area, it’s useful to be able to see where the lightning is hitting and how often …

Here is a link to a web page that shows, in real time, lightning hits in our NNJ area —


The page automatically refreshes frequently.


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Does your CW have rhythm ?

A couple of very old military training films — but the points they make are still just as valid for sending Morse Code today as they were back then …

And here is a more modern one that, to my great surprise, uses a scheme that is almost identical to what I devised back in 1955 when I was trying to learn the Morse Code !!

There are many other schemes and ‘tricks’ to help learn and remember the characters — one of them will click for you.


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KM2C Ham Radio Garage Sale

Brad KM2C  has a few items for sale.

. Icom IC-910H Go kit

. Comet CAA-500 MKII Antenna Analyzer

. Ameritron 5-way HF-VHF remote switches (2 of them)

. Astron SS-30M PS

. Pyramid PSV-200 PS

For details and asking prices, click link below —




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Do you know how to use SPOTTING services?



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