DXing Calendar for January 2020

Thanks to W2GD for sharing this.

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Ham Radio and EMCOMM

What is EMCOMM?   Emergency Communications …

Here is an interesting, recent discussion of whether Ham Radio is still needed for EMCOMM …

Give up on emcomm?


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Hams help with Australian fires

Hams help in Australia

click link to read article.


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STEM at Ridgewood NJ Public Library


Did you know all this was available to Ridgewood residents?


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Ria Jairam, N2RJ Reviews 2019 with ARRL


On Friday 12.13.19 Ria Jairam, N2RJ, the Hudson Division Director for the ARRL presented on her year with the ARRL as an Elected Official.

This (above) is her slide presentation. We hope you enjoy!

Oh, and Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, 12.23 is official Festivus Day, enjoy your Holidays with family, friends, et al, and be SAFE. Have a Happy, healthy, prosperous and safe New Years!





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191222 This Week In Ham Radio audio program

Includes Jean Sheppard K2ORS (SK) telling the story of when he was a 14 year old ham …  and much other ham stories of interest.

Click the triangle at left to play the program.


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Youth, Amateur Radio and Outreach

Low cost satellite development

Here is an idea that can make our club more strategic about youth and Amateur Radio… a 16 year old designed a satellite transponder, has built an organization that is getting the bird launched un a few months, and an adafruit satellite transceiver is available for $20. See https://fossa.systems/. This is NOT ham radio, but it should be. This uses LoRA on 433 MHz. The tech has already been proven, as the world’s distance record for LoRa was set by high altitude balloon.

How do we get more involved in activities such as this??

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