DX Calendar for April 2020

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DX Calendar for March 2020



The scheduled H44 operation this week by AA4NC has been cancelled due to transportation and immigration issues associated with COVID-19.

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License Exams (VEC) indefinately postponed

HQ building is closed but ARRL/VEC is working remotely. The FCC is processing applications.

This is what the interim CEO has told me:

What is being processed:

1. E-filed test sessions. There are a few who are doing this as the system is in limited testing.

2. Scanned test session paperwork in PDF format. These must NOT have any social security numbers, only FRNs. There are smartphone apps which will do this if your team doesn’t have a scanner.

3. VE accreditation (eg. if you want to become a VE)

4. Administrative updates to licenses (eg address changes) for individual and club licenses submitted via e-mail or telephone.

5. License renewals submitted via email or telephone.

What is NOT being processed:

Anything that has to be mailed or physically delivered to HQ. Mail service and processing is extremely limited due to the Connecticut executive order and these will be held to be processed later on.

Ria, N2RJ     Hudson Division director, ARRL

NOTE:   FLARC license exams are suspended “for the duration” …



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Talking To Submarines: The Goliath Antenna Network

Here is a pretty interesting story from World War II…..The Goliath Communications Network

Interesting Engineering is an, er, interesting engineering daily newsletter on engineering (what else?)


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We’re International … setting the pace for the world?

We’ve been discovered, and tweeted about!, in the UK …

Southgate Amateur Radio News_200319 for PDF


or the shortcut at      http://dlvr.it/RS5jdk

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CANCELLED * DXing with FT8 – Joe Taylor at SJRA 3/25

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At this point in the SciFi Movie “Interstellar” we hear the request for a MORSE Encoding … later seen as *Second Hand* movements, and written down (dit dahs) and incorrectly verbalized as *dots and dashes* (somethings never change) for further transcription. What IS the valuable info? Data stream metrics of what exactly happens within a Black Hole. 


“Ham Radio? CW (Morse Code) ‘We still do THAT here!'”






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