Tom Gallagher NY2RF 12.09.16 Presentation, N2YBB on HOA/ARRL – ARC 3 & Finale

Mike Lisenco N2YBB updates us (circa 12.09.16) on the HOA and ARRL. receives Recognition of its 60th Amateur Radio Anniversary, and a now the traditional ARRL Diamond Cake “Congrats on your 60th”. presents Awards of Appreciation to…

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ARRL Members — Important Reading

In a mere seven days, there may be big changes made in the structure and the way the ARRL American Radio Relay League operates and treats its members.

This article from CQ magazine is important for you to read, and then respond to the ARRL “leaders” involved.

Unfortunately, many of the involved changes have been proposed by our very own Hudson Division director. There is a slight possibility that responses from US (being his constituents) might have more influence than responses from members in other divisions.

Whether you are in favor or are not in favor of these changes, described in the article, you should make your feelings know to our director, the other directors and the League officers.

If you want to read other letters that have been written to the League and Directors, request them from

Here is a list of email addresses for all the League Board and Directors:<>,<>,<><>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>


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New YouTube Subscriber!!!

Please welcome Hal Kennedy – N4GG! 


Our latest YouTube Subscriber!



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Don’t forget – Exciting “Hams-On” (Hands-On) HamSci event Feb. 23rd & 24th!!!

What days do you intend to come to the HamSCI workshop? *


-More to come!





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2 Day HamSci Seminar Feb.23 & Feb.24

I am passing along the following for Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell (W2NAF) of NJIT/HamSci.
To refresh y’all W2NAF was a Guest Speaker @ –
We will be getting out the final information soon.
Here is the preliminary information:
Total cost for the weekend will be $125, which includes breakfast and lunch at NJIT on Friday and Saturday, and a banquet dinner at the Iberia Peninsula restaurant on Friday night. For people that can only make certain days, it is $100 for Friday (including breakfast, lunch, banquet), $25 for Saturday (breakfast and lunch only), $50 for a banquet only ticket.
Nathaniel W2NAF
 @flreswp @OfficialFLARC
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January 2018 Propagation Prediction

January 2018

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Lurking in my INBOX: Asus brings new life to old routers adding mesh

Apparently Asus is using MESH to repurpose their old(er) Routers

Saw this and thought our MESH community would find it informational. It is technically beyond me, so I invite Gordon or Randy to review this an appraise its value to the MESH community.


/T/ W2NZ



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