AMSAT UK Livestream This Weekend

The AMSAT UK conference is being live streamed this weekend…check it out here:

Live streaming of talks from International Space Colloquium Milton Keynes

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W2TTT – Finale on 2016 NYC Marathon, 11 Key Point Recap: Participants’ Takeaways

J.Gordon Beattie, W2TTT, continues in this final ARC (3) on the MESH Status of the NYC 2016 Marathon. His presentation includes an Eleven point Recap of the lessons learned, *necessary* SOFT tool/skill set an Amateur will bring or acquire. A robust Q&A follows with FLARC President, Judith Shaw, presenting W2TTT with a Placard of Appreciation.

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W2TTT Continues Presentation of NYC Marathon 2016 & MESH (AREDN)’s Own Gordon Beattie continues his presentation of MESH Status and the 2016 NYC Marathon.

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MESH Networks used for real …

Section Manager Fred Kleber, K9VV, said the USVI are in much better shape than Puerto Rico. “They really got slammed hard,”
he said. Kleber said he still has antennas that were not destroyed by
the storm and that he can hit Puerto Rico on 2 meters from his

He also plans to deploy some 20 mesh wireless network nodes to provide connectivity between key USVI government locations. “We have used every trick in our comms bag of tricks to make stuff work,” he said.

Kleber said pictures in the news and social media don’t do justice to the wholesale devastation in parts of the Caribbean. In the USVI, he said, trees, power poles, transformers, and telephone lines were downed all over, and debris blocking roadways is making travel slow or altogther impossible. He and others have been staffing the emergency communications center 24/7.

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CBS Retired Engineer – Helps US Families communicate their relatives in PR

Once again, the solution to the *unexpected* problem

Long Island Ham Radio Operator Helps Relay Messages From Hurricane Victims In Puerto Rico_meyers

 Bob Meyers (above) communicates with hurricane victims in Puerto Rico using his ham radio. (credit: CBS2)

Long Island Ham Radio Operator Helps Relay Messages From Hurricane Victims In Puerto Rico

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W2TTT On AREDN & 2016 NYC Marathon – Arc 1 of 3

J. Gordon Beattie knocks it out of the park with a presentation on the NYC 2016 Marathon AREDN solution for Ham assisted, support and backup of NYC Agency’s Communications Capability.

W2TTT on 2016 NYC Marathon Comms

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Low Frequency Beacons List

Here is a quick list of LF beacons for those who may have an interest in monitoring…

LF Beacons


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