Tight Space? Antennas Not Allowed? Here are some stealth antennas that might work for you…


Good luck!!

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Ham Radio On The Weather Channel

Ham radio on TWC


ARRL’s Mike Corey was on TWC this morning (May 25) and the result was a solid plug for amateur radio



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Downsizing offers …


On 22 May 2018 at 18:29, Ron <wb2gai@aol.com> wrote:

> I am helping Bob K2TWK’s daughter sell his radio equipment.
> Bob is now at Valley Hospital waiting to be moved to an assisted
> living home.
> Also helping Eric K2TO down sizing his station before his
> move to California.
> The attached file are their items for sale.

CLICK HERE for pdf of the available equipment.


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News About Ridgewood Makerspace

Ridgewood Makerspace

May 21st Activities…

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A Look Back At Claude Shannon and His Impact on Computing

Claude Shannon/Bell Labs

Great video on an unsung Bell Labs scientist who anticipated much of the computer landscape in which we live today…and the recognition of the Murray Hill complex as the Silicon Valley of its day.

Run time is about 30 minutes.


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The End Of FM Radio? Maybe In The UK At Least


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May be a change of standards? @SkyWarn Training

Skywarn Spotter Training class (National Weather Service)
Tuesday May 22 at 7pm-9:30pm
Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute

Forecasters from the National Weather Service in New York City conduct storm spotter training sessions each year to help prepare spotters for the upcoming severe weather season. The training sessions are typically about three hours long and cover fundamental information that every spotter needs to know, with a focus on safety, identification of key weather features and proper reporting procedures. Most sessions are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about being a spotter, but you should check to be sure before attending a class.

All classes are free and most classes start at 7:00 pm.

Please note: A short multiple choice, true/false exam may be given at the conclusion of each class. Spotter cards with your new number will be mailed to you with a passing grade of 70% or higher.

To attend you MUST register with link provided below.

I’ve attended 1 initial and maybe 2 refresher/recertifications, I don’t remember a quiz and if there was one, it was open “hive mind”.
Gordon Shumway
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