By Arnie Coro
radio amateur CO2KK

Hola amigos radioaficionados all around the world and enjoying our wonderful hobby in so many different ways…. I am Arnie Coro , radio amateur CO2KK , your host here at this edition of Dxers Unlimited, our long time effort devoted to promote amateur radio .

Here is now item one:  Sad news coming from the United Kingdom … the G QRP Radio Club has sent a note telling about the passing away of Reverend George Dobbs, G3RJV the founder of that prestigious organization open to world wide membership . George promoted the use of low power home brew amateur radio equipment by writing a column named QRP published by the famous SWL Magazine. His outstanding contributions to the amateur radio hobby were recognized by a large number of e-mail messages sent to the G QRP club yahoo mailing list….

The G QRP Club publishes SPRAT, spelled sierra papa romeo alpha tango, SPRAT that contains a valuable collection of articles presenting to readers the possibilities of home brewing simple receivers, transmitters, transceivers, accessories , test instruments and antennas…. The G QRP Club has a compact disc that I recommend to anyone interested in learning more about amateur radio .

Among the articles available in the digital collection of SPRAT MAGAZINE, I remember building two solid state regenerative receivers, one under the name HF9 that provided amazing performance from a very simple circuit… Si amigos, the HF9 is a really fun to build and a pleasure to listen to the frequency range from three to eighteen megaHertz

The Sun continues showing very little activity…. the most recent long period of zero sunspots lasted for thirty five consecutive days with a blank SUN… Nada, zero active magnetic regions in sight, a clear indication that solar minimum is here…. Then a small high latitude sunspot came under scrutiny to see if it showed the reverse magnetic polarity from the cycle 24 spots…. But no, it was not a cycle 25 sunspot , so we must wait maybe a few more weeks to see the first solar cycle 25 sunspot active region…

Yes, there is no doubt that we are now well into a period of very low solar activity that resembles what happened during the end of solar cycle 23 in 2008. Despite solar flux figures that have hovered near 70 units and even lower values, the propagation conditions on the HF bands will show a slight improvement that can be attributed to the Earth now entering into the equinoctial period, when both northern and southern hemispheres receive the same illumination for a few weeks…

Yes you are listening to the middle of the week edition of Dxers Unlimited, Radio Havana Cuba station’s long lasting contribution to the development and enjoyment of the wonderful hobby we all know as RADIO… I am your host Arnie Coro, radio amateur CO2KK and here is now item three of today’s show:

Yes this Radio Havana Cuba broadcasting to the world from sunny , beautiful Cuban archipelago , condolences for the passing away of QRP radio icon George Dobbs G3RJV continue to reach the G QRP Club yahoo mailing list…. here is one sent from Spain by famous QRP Operator Jon Echo Alpha two sierra november ,

Dear family of QRPers, On behalf of the Spanish QRP community, our sincere condolences to the family and many friends of George, G3RJV. He visited the EA-QRP Convention in 2012 and we shared a wonderful time with him and JoAnna in Sinarcas. He leaves a long and deep trace on all of us, QRPers, with passion and joy of making more with less. As Thomas Campbeel wrote: “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

jon, ea2sn Spanish rep for the G-QRP-Club

Among the notable efforts led by G3RJV was an original project of a amateur radio single band QRP transceiver kit that could be sent by international parcel post services under the terms of electronic parts, so Customs duties could be duty free or a small service charge could be imposed…. By the way , the machine where I had kept all the information on the G QRP CLUB 20 meters transceiver kit, broke down and the hard drive proved to be impossible , so amigos, if any of you have at hand the information package, please send it to my coro at enet dot cu email address, so that I can republish it for the benefit of the regular visitors of the Cuban Federation of Amateur Radio website, located at http: //www.frcuba.cu

QSL on the air… QSL on the air to the many of Radio Havana Cuba listeners that are reporting picking up our streaming audio via Internet from http://www.radiohc.cu, again the URL of our website from where we stream live audio programming is http://www.radiohc.cu, and let me add that we have received several very interesting reports of our FM band transmissions on 102.5 and 103.1 megaHertz picked up by several of the cruise ships that sail to the port of Havana for a typical tour. The 103.1 frequency was reported as far as forty miles North of the Cuban coast as the big cruise ships set their compass heading to the beautiful port of Havana.

Now at the end of the show an update about solar activity amigos…

SOLAR INDICES FOR 11 Mar 2019 WOLF NUMBER FROM CATANIA OPTICAL OBSERVATORY OF ITALY    : 011 10CM SOLAR FLUX        : 070 AK index at CHAMBON LA FORET observatory    : 006 ESTIMATED A planetary disturbance indicator at a nice low     : 002 ESTIMATED International sunspot number          : 012, BASED ON 27 STATIONS. As we continue to approach the equinox, worldwide HF propagation conditions are showing a slow but constant improvement that will last for the next five to seven weeks.

Send your signal reports and comments about this show and other RHC programs to inforhc at enet dot cu, again inforhc at enet dot cu , and for postal reports send via air mail to Arnie Coro, Radio Havana Cuba, Havana , Cuba

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