Gauging interest: KM2C Ham Radio Trailer

Hey FLARC members and friends,

I know you have all seen it, operated in it, or heard about it but I am looking for an interested party in purchasing my ham radio trailer. If you may be interested please contact me directly at If you know someone who may be interested but is not part of the club please let me know. Will firm up price with anyone interested (Reason being there is some radio equipment in there that can drive the price up/down easily).






Listed below are some of the highlights, there is more than listed and would be willing to include more/less based on discussion:

  • 6×12” Single Axle V-Nose trailer purchased from Roxbury Trailers (~$4k when new), has <1k miles on it now
    • Dome light, exterior light
    • LED turn/brake lights
    • Increased interior height
    • Roof vent
    • Stone guard
    • Undercoated
    • Aluminum fenders
    • RV style side door w/lock
    • Ramp rear door
    • 120VAC 30A panel with multiple breakers
  • Non-Ham Radio additions (~$1k invested here)
    • A/C and Heat (15k BTU AC and 12k BTU heat)
    • Coated floor and ramp
    • Two desks with 4 storage drawers each
    • Two cabinets
    • Two storage bins
    • Power strip across back of desks
    • Shelf for equipment
    • Two folding chairs
    • Horizontal E-track around interior for cargo strapping
  • Ham Radio additions
    • 50A 12DC PS, power distribution
    • 2 computers, mouse, keyboards, w/24” monitors (Intel i5 w/SSD)
    • 2 Monitor wall mounts
    • 2 HF, 1 UHF/VHF meters
    • 1 HF/VHF/UHF dummy load
    • Kenwood TM-V71A UHF/VHF dual band radio and speaker and mic mount
    • Motorola 4550 UHF DMR/Analog radio and mic mount
    • 2 NMO antenna mounts (for UHF/VHF radios)
    • Tarheel 100A-HP HF screwdriver antenna (Tunes up easily from 80-10M)
    • Tunematic screwdriver antenna controller
    • APC Backup UPS (4 9AH batteries)


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