Florencia Pierri, KD2PHZ – Amateur Radio and the Birth of Household Radio

“Florencia Pierri KD2PHZ Inaugurated FLARC 2020 Speaker Series With “The Hams Can: Amateur Operators and the Birth of Household Radio” On Friday, January 17th At The Fair Lawn Senior Center.

The Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club inaugurates it’s fifth consecutive year of monthly speaker programs with a look back at an historic broadcast and its impact on the fledgling medium of radio. We were pleased to have an expert on the topic with Florencia Pierri KD2PHZ as our featured speaker. In the early 1920s, radio was the realm of amateur build-it-yourselfers, but by the end of that decade, radios had become a standard household commodity. This radical shift came about thanks to a fated boxing match, a massive publicity campaign and, crucially, an organized network of amateur radio operators excited to bring their craft to the wider public. This talk traces the story of the attempt to broadcast the 1921 boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier, and the crucial role that hams played in what would become the world’s first mass public broadcast.” – Ed Efchak, WX2R

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From an era where "Animals were raised and children were reared." Or is it, From an "error" where "Animals were raised and children were reared."? Six, one half dozen?
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