A Response to our Latest Posting – Sunspots W3LPL

Great presentation thanks, but please get a mic mixer and mute everyone’s
mic except the presenter’s while he’s talking – James Bowie
@James I agree. This was 2 years ago, I was not the videographer, and the Club doesn’t pay for any of the video/audio equipment, nor my time. That said, with positive criticism like yours we will continue to improve and deliver a better video posting with each endeavor. TY! – FairlawnARC.org
To our Audience Guests and Members: When we ask for your cooperation while we are videoing a Guest Presentation it is to avoid easily avoidable comments such as the above. Dragging chairs, talking amongst yourselves during a Presentation, asking a question in too low a voice, opening snack packs, sneezing, coughing, cellphones ringing & pinging, etc., are all picked up by some recording device and sometimes with all the *W.O.R.K* and filters in the world, they can not be filtered out or mitigated and produce a reasonably palatable audio track.

We want you to have a FUN and Educational time, we have coffee breaks, BIO-breaks, however once the cameras are a rolling, you are now on a *Sound Stage* – !

The video archives are for the current Members and future members. With our YouTube Channel we also share with others in the Ham community our good fortune of having Presentations by the TOP Amateurs we can invite and entice into our ever growing Radio Club to help us all in becoming better Operators!


73 de W2nz
Director of Visual Services
YouTube Channel & Content Mgr.

About W2NZ

From an era where "Animals were raised and children were reared." Or is it, From an "error" where "Animals were raised and children were reared."? Six, one half dozen?
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