Dr. Alan Katz K2UYH on EME on the Simple and Cheap

Dr. Alan Katz gives an in depth Presentation on achieving contacts using or re-purposing discarded TV Satellite Dishes and simple Yagis via #EME or Moon Bounce via CW, Phone and the new OpenSource digital modes of  Dr. Joe Taylor, #K1JT, #WSPR and the suite of Weak Signal Software. BTW – one of K1JT’s favorited #HamRadio interests over the decades has been #EME. See: Dr. Taylor Speaker Series FT8 & Beyond 

Enjoy and post or forward this fine lecture to your friend’s and others!

73 de w2nz/ve


Director – Visual Services, FairLawnARC

FairLawnARC.org YouTube Channel Manager


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From an era where "Animals were raised and children were reared." Or is it, From an "error" where "Animals were raised and children were reared."? Six, one half dozen?
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