Amateur Radio Applications in Limbo

On 11 Jan 2019 at 0:22, Peter Senesi KD2BMX wrote:

> The attached article is FYI

> Amateur Radio Applications in Limbo as Partial
> Shutdown Continues The FCC is not processing
> any Amateur Radio applications as the partial
> government shutdown approaches its fourth
> week. The FCC suspended “most operations” at
> mid-day on Thursday, January 3, although an
> appearance of activity continues. For radio
> amateurs, the shutdown means that, while the
> Universal Licensing System (ULS) continues to
> accept applications for all valid purposes,
> the FCC will not review or act upon them until
> the funding stalemate is resolved. This includes
> Volunteer Examiner Coordinator test session
> batch files as well as modification, renewal,
> and vanity call sign applications filed by
> individual licensees. Amateur Radio newcomers
> who have passed the required examinations will
> have to wait until the shutdown concludes to
> receive a call sign and authorization to
> operate. License upgrades are also on hold.
> “Due to a lapse in funding, the operations of
> the Federal Communications Commission will be
> limited with no system support. We regret any
> inconvenience,” the FCC says on the ULS home
> page. This means very limited human
> intervention while the shutdown continues, and
> if a system breaks down, it will not be
> repaired until after employees are back on the
> payroll. At this point, 262 of 1,437 FCC
> employees (excepting contractors) remain on
> the job, as are FCC Commissioners.

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