Youth contesting program

On 9 Jan 2019 at 5:35, ARRL Web site wrote:

> Marty, NN1C (recently ex-KC1CWF), writes: “I
> am currently involved in leading a team of youth
> in operating WPX SSB 2019 at superstation K3LR.
> We have formed a M/2, and are working together
> to put on a competitive effort. The team
> currently consists of NN1C, KM4ATT, DK4EE,
> effort will be completely operated and planned
> by people under 21. We are calling ourselves
> Team Exuberance.

> The idea is that our team
> makes up for experience and practice though
> energy, planning, and excitement. To help make
> this possible, we are raising money. Our
> current goal is to raise $5,000 dollars via our
> GoFundMe website

> These funds will
> be used for 2 nights worth of hotel rooms for
> the team, flights for those who need to fly in
> (W6BQ, KC1CWF, VE7DZO), and helping with the
> flights from Europe for DK4EE, and HA8RT, as
> well as other incidentals such as food and other
> consumables. Any funds left over will be put
> towards future youth-only contesting events.
> We hope we can train the contesters of the
> future in doing this. People with questions are
> more than welcome to email us at

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