W2ZQ Open House Sunday August 12th from 1 to 5 PM.

To celebrate the anniversary of the refurbishment of the W2ZQ Amateur Radio station at Mercer County Airport, the Delaware Valley Radio Association will be hosting an open house there on Sunday August 12th from 1 to 5 PM.

Their modern shack features two complete HF stations utilizing two main towers (one at 100 ft. and the other at 50ft.) with beams for 40M thru 10m. They also have a complete VHF station available. The facility also houses their 146.67 MHz repeater. All visitors are encouraged to operate the station.

All hams and the public are welcome to tour and use the modern facility, which the DVRA has used since 1953. They will also have on display historical documents from the ARRL and others dating back to the clubs founding in 1930.

They will be cooking burgers and hot dogs and providing drinks so please RSVP to station@w2zq.com to help them order the correct amount of food.

There is no fee to attend.

The DVRA club shack is located at the Southeast corner of I-295 (Exit

75) and Bear Tavern Road in West Trenton NJ. . Entering a street address of “798 Bear Tavern Road West Trenton NJ” will work on most GPS’s, as will searching for “Delaware Valley Radio Association” on Google Maps. Once you are near, just look for the tall antenna towers and enter the driveway marked “DVRA” that is 50 feet south of the traffic light. GPS coordinates are: 40° 16’ 35.94° N and 79° 49’ 35.42° W.

Detailed directions and other club information can be found at http://www.w2zq.com. Talk in is on 146.67 MHz (-.600 PL 131.8)

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