FLARC Resonator – A Huge Success!

Our wonderful FLARC newsletter, The Resonator, has been a great way to reach all club members and people who are interested in amateur radio.

If you have not been paying close attention to the Resonator’s brief lifespan, you may find the following statistics astonishing.

Since the first edition in January 2016 until the most recent issue in July 2018 the page count has grown by almost five times – from 7 pages to 41 pages. The Volume 1 issues in 2016 ranged from 7 pages to 21, with an average for the year of 14 pages.

The Volume 2 issues in 2017 ranged from 12 pages to 24, with an average for the year of 16 pages .

The current Volume 3 issues covering 7 months of 2018 range from 24 pages to 41, with an average for the year-to-date of 32 pages.

Keep in mind that the Resonator is a full color publication with lots of pictures and a wide variety of information is each issue. It is more like a magazine than a simple club newsletter.

Please take a moment to thank your editor, publisher, the authors and photographers who make all this possible. It is amazing that our editor and publisher, Ed WX2R, and webmaster Jim W2JC, can get everything assembled and available for reading in just a few days after each month’s business meeting.


About WU2S

Amateur Radio operator "Always Certain, Often Wrong"
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