FOR SALE: Estate sale

For a PDF of this list, please CLICK HERE

On Sun, Jul 8, 2018 at 11:37 AM, Kelly Leavitt <> wrote:

This is Kelly from the Sussex County club. I’m trying to liquidate the estate of a
deceased Ham to help his family with some bills. I have the following items available
for sale and pickup in either Wantage, NJ or Stillwater, NJ (the tower and two steppir
antennas are in Stillwater). Would you do me a favor and send this out to your membership?
Anyone interested can contact me at
Pickup at our Hamfest on Sunday the 15th can also be arranged.

For a PDF of this list, please CLICK HERE

Name Model Serial Number Asking Price Description Test status
AMECO VFO 621 $30 VFO 50, 144, 220 Not tested
Astatic D104 $50 Desk Microphone
Astatic 575-M6 $50 Hand Mic As is
Bencher Paddle $35
Dentron MT-3000A 1913 $150 2 KW tuner Very clean inside
Diamond SX-100 401206223 $50 3kw 160 to 60 SWR/Power meter Dirty
Generator $700 10 KW Generator electric start
Gonset Comminucator IV 905212 $30 2m radio Not tested
J38 $20 Key with base
Kenwood TS-450s $375 all mode 80 to 10 m radio Powers on, transmits, receives
Kenwood TR 9000 1050144 $125 2m all mode with System Base Powers on, transmits
MFJ 1026 $110
MFJ 462B $25
MFJ MFJ-462B $40 Multi-READER Not tested
Microcraft CodeStar $20 decoder Not tested
Misc Slide rules $1 Each
Palomar Elite 400 $100
Palomar 300A $80 40m – 10m amp as is, not tested
Palomar Phantom $40 10m amp as is, not tested
Palomar Oct-40 $50 300 W 10m Linear Powers on
Radio Shack 21-524 $30 SWR/Power meter
RCI 2950 615542 $150 10 meter mobile Powers on
RCI 2980 817095 $225 40CH CB Radio Powers on, transmits
RF-Concepts 2-417 52R05-01028 $125 45 in 170 watt out 2m linear Powers on
Right of Way Power supply $50 12v, 14v, 16v, 18v Powered on
Ritz Electronics PS10001MR 13126 $20 13.8 power supply powers on. no further testing
Steppir 20-6 Bean $800
Steppir Vert $400
Sure 450 $40 Desk Mic
Tripp Lite PR-7a 83-9-T0651 $25 7A 12v power supply Powers on, needs fuse, tested with a spare fuse
Unknown $150 1 kw inverter
US Tower MA-40 $1,000 40′ Crank up tower w/working electric winch
W2IHY ASNG 10107 0227 $30 Noise gate
Yaesu G800S $175 Rotor and controller
Yaesu $100 Frequency display
Yaesu LLF $30 Phone Patch
Yaesu Not tested
Yaesu YC-601 7J110122 $105 Digital display Not tested
Yaesu FIF 232C $25 Cat interface for older Yaesu
Yeasu FT-1000 $700 HF All mode radio 200w out, internal speaker out, needs head phones
Yeasu SP-5 4L021 $50 External Speaker
Yeasu MD-1 $60 Desk Microphone Make an offer if you want it with the FT1000 combo
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