YouTube Dinna Like Our HD Format!!!!

So we just uploaded our Last ARC 3/3 on Dr. HamSci W2NAF’s Presentation on his Initial Analysis of the metrics produced by the SEQP (Solar Eclipse QSO Party) of 2017 and YouTube dinna like the “P”. <Record Scratch> WHUT???? Hey, don’t get them bunched up or twisted! 

“P” as in Progressive, as in 720p or our usual 1080p HD was published at 2160p HD and YT downgraded it to 360p!!! I watched 60 seconds of it before the gravel it kept pouring into my eye was so painful, I just had to pull the plug. <Cue flatline audio>

Sooooo, I had to make changes AGAIN, after starting with this ARC on Friday, 7 iterations and 3 previous uploads, and I am waiting for the final rendering before I attempt a successful launch. I feel like Elon Musk, but without the bazillions, but I digress.

Sorry for the ramblings, the audience AND especially our Guest Speakers deserve the BEST we as a Team can produce. Guest YT ain’t ready for us 2160p HD uploads. The last Arc on the Good Dr. Nathaniel Frissell should be ready very shortly.

thank you-

73 de W2NZ/ve





About W2NZ

From an era where "Animals were raised and children were reared." Or is it From an error where "Animals were raised and children were reared."? Six, one half dozen?
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