Looking To Get Your Extra Class Ticket? Here Is A Way To Make It Easy For You!

A number of FLARC members have gotten their initial licenses and upgrades using this method…why not you??

Extra Class Online Course

Beginning in late September, W1UL is offering an online guided-study Extra Class licensing course. This course differs substantially from the normal ham-cram.com independent study licenses prep because the Extra class pool is 50% larger than the Technician or General Class pools, making associations between question and answers more difficult. In addition the Extra subject material is more challenging. A book costing less than $20 is required.

The purpose of the book is showing pool questions and answers in context. Here is the normal (non-context) display:

(E0A05) What is one of the potential hazards of using microwaves in the amateur radio bands?
The high gain antennas commonly used can result in high exposure levels

The question followed by the answer. Here is the same question in context:

(E0A05) What is one of the potential hazards of using microwaves in the amateur radio bands?

An antenna develops gain by taking energy that  would normally radiate  from the side or back of the antenna and concentrating it in the desired direction. Microwave frequencies have exceptionally short wavelength allowing substantially higher amounts of radiation (gain) concentrated into the direction of the gain.
The high gain antennas commonly used can result in high exposure levels

Contextual usage does not make you an expert but it gives you additional insight into the question and answer pair.

Candidates will complete and report on their results of assignments and participate in discussions on a dedicated online reflector. The pace of the course is initially targeted at one subelement (out of 10) per week but actual progress depends upon the pace of candidate assignment completion.

The course will terminate with a two hour review session immediately followed by a VE test. The principle location for the review session is the Gloucester County ARC field house in Mullica Hill, NJ. However W1UL will conduct a review session and VE test for any club in the SNJ section or any location within 70 miles of Tuckerton, NJ provided there are at least three candidates, (not all necessarily from the same club), a club furnished site for the review/VE session and the club provides two additional Extra class VEs.

For people not in the Southern NJ area we will try and do a review on Skype or just use the reflector we used for the rest of the course.

At this point in time an indication of interest is the only requirement, not looking for a commitment at this time. Reserve a tentative spot now since participation may be limited.

Call Urb W1UL at 609-937-5487 with questions.

You can also email Urb at urb@ham-cram.com

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