Antennas on HT Handi-Talkies

On 31 Jul 2017 at 09:50, Karl Frank wrote:

> The base of the stock antenna on
> Susan’s new, red UV-5R became quite hot to the
> touch after a few minutes of transmission at 4
> watts, so I ordered an 8″ NA-701 replacement
> antenna from Nagoya. This model has worked
> well with my old UV-5RA. The stock Baofeng
> antenna from my old UV-5R had failed after a
> year or so of use. I don’t remember it
> becoming hot during use, but then I was not
> checking. In summary, I think the Baofeng
> stock antennas are very, very poor;

Jim W2JC replies:

I just ran some tests on HT antennas … with the
new RigExpert AA-170 analyzer …

The Baofeng ‘U-V’ duckies that came with the
old UV-5RA units measured a deep sharp resonance
down to 1.2:1 swr at 146.200 MHz … [measured two
with identical results].

The Baofeng ‘U-V’ antenna that came with the
UV-82 V2+ (a different style antenna) measured
a deep, sharp resonance down to 1.0 : 1 swr at
146.200 MHz.

The HYS NA-771 (which I think I bought from Van)
had a wide dip down to 2.5 : 1 swr flat from
135 to 150 MHz.

Jim adds that he will bring the AA-170 antenna analyzer to the club on Fridays, if requested ahead of time, and will be glad to check out YOUR antenna if you bring it with you. (This is a ‘perk’ for those who keep up to date with the Blog posts!!)


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2 Responses to Antennas on HT Handi-Talkies

  1. k2trw says:

    Not sure why anyone would be so critical of a radio package including a battery, AC charger and antenna that costs nominally more than an after market replacement antenna?

  2. Karl Frank says:

    Heat is wasted RF and since my original Baofeng antenna failed, I wanted people to know that upgrade antennas from other vendors are available that fit the Baofeng. It’s like improving the performance of your car by purchasing Michelins when the original factory tires wear out.
    Karl W2KBF

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