Monday Night 2000hrs. “Near & Far NET” w/Echolink @W2NPT/R

This past Monday night had a nice turn out of members participating in our newly established and recently renamed SNOWBIRD NET nka The NEAR & FAR NET. This is an open NET with the option of those “Snowbirds” and other tooo far away to hit the W2NPT repeater and join the fun. So far <cough> no pun intended, OK, Pun intended, our furthest check-in was Kai K2TRW from….. <drum roll please> TAIWAN!!!! Thank you, KAI!

We have an open, but scheduled, rotating Net Control Operator directing the NET via a prewritten script. This opportunity gives many of us NEWBIES or OLDBIES getting acquainted / reacquainted with the HAM Radio Operational Process and Technique, a chance to polish our skills in a “friendly and forgiving” environment! So come join the FUN and polish those CHOPS!!!

Monday, 5.15.17, had the following Chechens checkins:

N2DI as your humble Net Control Operator
Hope to see  hear y’all soon!
73 de N2DI/ve Video & YouTube Manager

About W2NZ

From an era where "Animals were raised and children were reared." Or is it From an error where "Animals were raised and children were reared."? Six, one half dozen?
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