Lots happens at Friday evening at the Club!

From: <randolph@wu2s.com>
Date sent: 08 Feb 2014 10:56ET

Demonstration of VoIP over Broadband Hamnet

Yesterday evening was another milestone in our development of our local BBHN capabilities. A small set of BBHN nodes was setup at the Fair Lawn amateur radio club and demonstrated to all in attendance. We explained the configuration changes to Rick, W2LCN who went home later eager to get his RasPBX operational. I know that his boys will have a lot of fun dialing their new private telephone system from all over the house.

We also got a SIP phone operational on a node owned by Karl W2KBF. We walked through the steps to add a new extension to the PBX and to remotely configure the phone across the BBHN. One nice thing about these phones, among many nice features, is the ability to interact with the phone’s web server for configuration changes.

            140207_Hamnet-setup-01a     140207_Hamnet-setup-02a

Another unexpected benefit of the impromptu demonstration was meeting Eric N4VY. He is from Texas but is temporarily working in New Jersey. The SIP phones on BBHN immediately caught Eric’s eye because he is a very experienced emergency services communications provider. Eric showed us photos of the elaborate communications trailer he built for instant deployment. All of the equipment runs on 12 volts and includes two computer workstations, many VHF and UHF radios and prepackaged communications kits. Eric noted that he supplies quick response communications for agencies that need help. He supported OEM operations during the first days after the Moore, OK tornado, for example. Eric shared a lot of great ideas for organizing emergency services communications and we took copious notes for follow-up. We hope to see N4VY frequently while he remains nearby. Eric’s expertise and practical experience will help us build better support capabilities.

Gordon, W2TTT will conduct a demonstration of the BBHN at the Bergen Amateur Radio Association’s monthly meeting this Sunday, February 9, at the Washington Township Senior Center. We will be there to assist him and display many types of useful equipment. If you are in the area on Sunday evening, please stop by.

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